Tell Nickelodeon to stop junk food marketing to kids!

Nickelodeon is a giant advertiser to children, with 69% of its food ads promoting food of poor nutritional quality to kids. Unlike Disney, Nickelodeon has refused to adopt any nutritional guidelines on what they will advertise to kids. [1] [2]

Tell Nickelodeon to do the right thing and adopt strong nutrition standards for advertisements and marketing through its entire child-directed media!

Our children are more than big business.

Fact: Most kids under six can't distinguish between programming and ads. And, 1.79 billion dollars are spent on advertising food to children. [3] [4]

It's time to put children's health first!

[1] Center for Science and the Public Interest, Nickelodeon: Marketing Obesity to Kids, 2012. 

[2] LA Times

[3] American Psychological Association

[4] Federal Trade Commission

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Dear Viacom,
I was happy to see that the Walt Disney Company announced it will no longer accept advertisements for most unhealthy foods on its child-directed television, radio, and websites, and that it is updating its nutrition standards for marketing to children.  I am impressed with Disney's commitment to addressing nutrition and childhood obesity and hope your company will do at least as much.  
Nickelodeon should also implement a clear and transparent policy for marketing to children. As you know, our country is facing an obesity epidemic, with one in three children overweight or obese. (1) The Institute of Medicine conducted a thorough scientific review and concluded that food marketing affects children's food preferences and choices and is harming their health. (2) In 2011, children under 12 saw an average of 13 food advertisements per day. Unfortunately, most of those were for unhealthy foods. (3)  
Advertising for unhealthy foods to children has decreased from 94% to 86% of food ads from 2003 to 2009, but a much greater decline is needed given the effect of marketing on children's health. 
I appreciate the steps you have taken to address the use of Nickelodeon characters to promote healthy food. However, your company must do more. Please adopt strong nutrition standards for advertisements and marketing through all of your child-directed media. It will have a positive impact on the food advertising landscape for children, children's health, and your company's reputation.
Thank you.

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    Join me in the fight to stop junk food marketing to kids!
    Today I signed a petition telling Nickelodeon to stop junk food marketing to kids. I felt compelled to take a stand because Nickelodeon has a corporate responsibility to our children. Unlike Disney, it refuses to adopt any nutritional guidelines on what they will advertise to kids.

    Together, we can change this!

    Join me in telling Nickelodeon to STOP junk food marketing to kids! Then, pass it on to your friends and family. You can sign on here -

    Together, our voices can make a powerful difference.

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