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    People of Faith: Call Congress and urge them to act to end gun violence

    The voices of people of faith are important in convincing our nation's leaders to act to end gun violence. Phone calls from constituents are particularly powerful.

    *Can you lend a hand? A quick call from you to your U.S. Senate and House office is a powerful reminder that you expect results!

    It's easy! We'll give you the right phone number to call. And, when you call, just say the following:

    "My name is ______.  As a person of faith and your constituent, I'm calling you regarding the crisis of gun violence we face in our nation. I’m deeply concerned that in the wake of these terrible tragedies and the losses NC and other communities face every day due to gun violence, we still have not moved forward as a nation on commonsense gun laws. I’m calling today to ask the Senator/Congressman please to consider with an open heart how we can transform this culture of gun violence and become a nation that is safer and more peaceful. We are counting on the Senator/ Congressman to help us. Can you tell me where the Senator/ Congressman stands on decreasing gun violence?"

    (If no one answers the phone, then please leave the above as a message.)

    Feel free to also personalize the message with your own reasons why reducing gun-violence is an important issue for you.

    Making this call is easy and powerful--and just takes a minute!

    When people of faith raise our voices together, Congress will listen!

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