Breastfeeding and Paid Family Leave go hand-in-hand

Today 51% of new mothers have no paid leave of any kind, yet the majority of mothers with infants are in the labor force. This helps explain why only only 13.6% of U.S. infants are exclusively breastfeeding and only 43% are breastfeeding at all at six months of age, even though every major medical authority recommends it.

Expanding and strengthening Paid Family Leave programs are a key step towards giving mothers the time and support they need to begin and establish breastfeeding.  A number of studies have shown that maternity leave has a positive impact on how long women breastfeed.  Right now, the U.S.  is one of only 4 countries in the world without family leave policies. 

Sign the petition today!  We'll deliver it to key legislators who can, with our urging, move Paid Family Leave forward.

We need Paid Family Leave to make sure moms can have the option to breastfeed and to ensure healthier families and babies!

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