Tell Congress: We need paid sick days for public health

In the face of last year's flu season, including H1N1, Public Health recommend that:  "If you're sick, stay home, get treatment, go see a doctor."1

This is easier said than done. In the U.S. today, almost half of workers aren't allowed to earn a single paid sick day.2 How do the experts expect people to stay home when they're sick, if they can't earn any paid sick days?  In fact, a just released employer preparedness plan from the CDC lists asks businesses to: "Consider ways to allow sick employees to stay home without fear of losing their jobs."3

Sign the petition today to to tell our country's leaders:

The United States needs to allow all working people to earn paid sick days to ensure our economic security, and protect public health.

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    I just signed a petition to give everyone in the US the ability to earn paid sick days. This issue is critical for all of us because right now nearly half of private sector employees don't have a single paid sick day--that means people with contagious illnesses are forced to come to work sick and risk spreading their germs!

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