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    Back up moms in Raleigh?

    I just took action to back these moms up, and I thought you might want to, too.



    Dear Friend,

    NC MomsRising members and our kids are headed to the NC General Assembly this morning, and we need you to back us up!

    We will be delivering packages of lifesavers, put together by our kids, along with stacks of signatures from MomsRising members like you to remind our state’s lawmakers that the NC Earned Income Tax Credit is a truly a lifesaver for 900,000 NC families!

    Last session lawmakers chose to eliminate this small but vital support that helps lift families out of poverty by allowing low wage earners to keep more of what they earn. [1] Its elimination could push more families into poverty at a time when NC already has the 10th highest poverty and child poverty rates in the nation. [2]

    But it’s not too late! Can you send a message right now reminding lawmakers that it’s not too late to reinstate the EITC in the legislative session this summer?

    In 2012, the state EITC benefited nearly 1.2 million NC children, helping lift them out of poverty and allowing their families to meet basic needs such as shelter, food, utilities, transportation, and childcare. [3] More than 64,000 military families relied on the state EITC to make ends meet. [4]

    We know that there are long-term, negative implications for children who are raised in poverty including negative impacts on early brain development. [5] This has consequences for learning, health, and future earnings potential, all of which can make it difficult to escape poverty in adulthood. Lifting income in early childhood not only tends to improve a child’s immediate educational outcomes, but is associated with more schooling, stronger attachment to the labor force, and higher earnings in adulthood. [6]

    Moreover, the EITC strengthens local economies. EITC households tend to spend their credits quickly and locally, which produces a strong "multiplier effect." It is estimated that the EITC generates at least $1.50-$2.00 in local economic activity for every $1 claimed. [7]

    In short, the state EITC is the single best proven tool we have in North Carolina to address the disparities in our tax system, help working families meet basic needs, and strengthen our local economies.

    Our lawmakers need to hear that North Carolinians believe hardworking families should not have to raise their children in poverty.

    Your email right now will remind lawmakers that the people they represent are paying attention and when we stop by their office this morning we are representing thousands of moms across the state.

    Will you back us up right now and sign our letter calling on our state’s leaders to reward hard work and support NC’s families by reinstating the state EITC?

    It’s never too late to try to fix mistakes, and our lawmakers still have time. Thanks for taking a moment to ask them to stand with working families.

    Together we are a powerful voice for NC families!

    -Beth, Melea, Tracy, Ruth, and the whole NC MomsRising Team

    P.S. Have you or someone you know benefited from the earned income tax credit? We want to hear about it. Share your stories here so we can bring the voices of real people to the halls of the NC General Assembly and Congress. Sharing the personal experiences of moms, dads, grandparents, and families is powerful when we're talking with key leaders. It gives them a window into our lives and makes them understand why family economic security issues are so important. Please share your experience here.

    P.P.S. Thank you to our partners at the Budget & Tax Center and Together NC for their tireless work supporting family economic security in North Carolina.

    [1] “No Protection for Working Families,” Budget & Tax Center, June 2013.

    [2] “Close to One Million North Carolinians Will Claim State Earned Income tax Credit for Last Time this Tax Season,” NC Policy Watch, March 13, 2014.

    [3] ibid.

    [4] “64,000 NC Military Families Set to Lose EITC, Experience Tax Increase,” Budget & Tax Center, July 2013.

    [5] “Poverty Influences Children’s Early Brain Development,” University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 11, 2013.

    [6] "Early-Childhood Poverty and Adult Attainment, Behaviour, and Health," Child Development, January/ February 2010.

    [7] “EITC,” RESULTS. Downloaded March 27, 2014.

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    Moms and kids are on the ground at the NC General Assembly right now delivering Lifesavers candy and asking lawmakers to restore the NC EITC, a small but vital support that's a lifesaver for 900,000 low-wage workers and their families. Can you have our backs?  

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