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    For Violet
    Right now, opponents of health reform in Congress are attempting to repeal the protections of the Affordable Care Act. I just signed on to a petition to keep America moving forward on health reform and I wanted to ask you to join me. Here are some powerful words from a mom about why she is fighting to keep America moving forward on health reform.

    My beautiful, two year old daughter, Violet, has a rare and life threatening form of epilepsy that causes her to have hundreds of seizures, during which she stops breathing and requires hospitalization. When Violet is not having seizures, she is a happy, curious little girl who loves people.

    Without the protections passed by health care reform that ended annual and lifetime limits on care, Violet would probably reach her lifetime limits on care in a few years. 

I know that a lifetime limit on insurance would limit Violet's lifetime on Earth.

    That's why I fought for health reform and why I'm still fighting to make sure that the protections we won by passing health care reform, like ending lifetime and annual limits on care are not rolled back by the new Congress.

    For the sake of Violet and so many other children, we can't let this happen! Join me in signing this petition to keep America moving forward on health reform.

    Whether you're a parent who can now rest easier knowing there are no annual or lifetime limits on my child's care, someone who has a child with a pre-existing condition who can never again be denied affordable health care, or a business owner who can now afford to purchase health care insurance because of health care tax credits for small businesses, we all have gained critical protections from the passage of health care reform.

    We must counter efforts in Congress to roll back the hard fought consumer protections we have won through the passage of the Affordable Care Act! Please take a minute to sign this petition and forward it to friends and family.


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    Keep America Moving Forward – Implement the Affordable Care Act!

    January 17, 2011

    More than 25,000 moms, dads and grandparents around the country have signed the following letter circulated by MomsRising, in collaboration with Voices for America’s Children, First Focus, and Georgetown’s Center for Children and Families.

    This petition regarding health reform reads:

    "Keep America moving forward implementing health care reform. We've come too far to go back to the bad old days when insurers could drop us (or our children) just when we got sick, exclude our children from coverage because they have pre- existing conditions, or put lifetime caps on our health care coverage."

    There’s no going back.  Millions of children and families are already experience long-awaited benefits as a result of the healthcare overhaul. 

    Nearly a thousand MomsRising members have sent in their personal stories from nearly every state in the nation about how their families are being helped by the Affordable Care Act.  You can read those personal stories here:

    The voices of these parents across the country are ringing in our ears. Voices like Julie’s, whose daughter Violet suffers from a life-threatening form of epilepsy and who will likely hit her lifetime health care coverage limit by age four without health reform.  Voices like Dawn's, whose son Wesley has an eye condition, which is finally covered by her insurance policy because under the new health care law children's pre-existing conditions can no longer be excluded from coverage.

    The new protections under the Affordable Care Act  have freed millions of Americans from worry that they'll lose or be denied insurance, made it easier for small businesses to sponsor coverage for their employees, and provided more affordable prescriptions for seniors on Medicare.  

    Now is the time to stand up for America’s children and families and put an end the insurance industry’s worst abuses. 

    The pages that follow include the names of each of the signatories to the letter, listed by state.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you would like additional information. 

    Thank you,

    Donna Norton
    National Campaign Director,

    Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
    Executive Director and Co-Founder,

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