We are in the final days of the public comment period for a terrific proposed rule that could limit carbon pollution in power plants.  In other words, this rule is about making our air cleaner.

Carbon pollution traps heat and cooks air pollution into asthma-provoking smog. Right now one in 10 U.S. kids have asthma and that number is rising every day. Limiting carbon pollution could cut down on smog, and on asthma attacks.  The proposed new carbon rule will reduce pollution by 123 billion pounds of carbon annually (Yes!  That's billion with a "B").

Your signature is needed now.  If the EPA is overwhelmed by the support the public shows for clean air, then the EPA is likely to recommend a much-needed, strong carbon rule for President Obama to sign. That's why we need as many signatures as possible on the petition. The EPA needs to hear from MomsRising members like you.

Let the EPA know just how much you love clean air by signing on to our petition!

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"I support clean air for kids and carbon pollution limits for new and modified power plants."

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    I just got this email from MomsRising.org. It is very powerful.

    I hope you'll read it and sign on to this petition that says: "I support clean air for kids and the new carbon pollution limits for new and modified power plants."




    ****More info in the email below****

    Asthma. Know anyone who has it? Chances are you do, because right now a whopping one in 10 children in the United States have asthma, [1] with more than 200,000 a year needing hospitalization.


    It's time to step up to stop harmful air pollution that can trigger asthma attacks in our kids and families.

    *Take a moment to sign on to our letter to the EPA that reads: "I support clean air for kids and carbon pollution limits for new and modified power plants."

    What's the lowdown? We're in the final days of the public comment period for the Carbon Rule [2], under the Clean Air Act, which, for the first time, sets national limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can emit. Carbon emissions help cook air pollution into asthma-provoking smog. [3] Clearly we need to lower air pollution in order to increase clean air for our kids. And we have a chance to help do just that right now.

    But time is tight. The comment period for this important rule closes on Monday, June 25th. So take a quick moment out of your day today to sign on--and we'll combine your signature, with the signatures of others across the nation, and turn them in as public comment on the Carbon Rule ASAP.

    Please sign on to our letter to the EPA that reads: "I support clean air for kids and carbon pollution limits for new and modified power plants."

    It's not just us moms that want clean air for our kids. We're backed up by the nation's foremost doctors and experts. For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility, among others, recently issued a joint statement that says: "We stand united in calling on [Congress] to uphold the Clean Air Act and to reject any measure that would block or delay the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from doing its job to protect all Americans from life-threatening air pollution." [4]

    We need moms' voices to help push up the number of positive comments for the lives-saving Carbon Rule to show the public's overwhelming support for clean air:


    We're up against powerful forces that don't want clean air policies to advance. So every comment matters. Did you know that Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, an enemy of the Clean Air Act, asserts that air pollution victims are “unidentified and imaginary,”[5] despite the fact that the asthma rate among high school students in his state is a staggering 25%? [6] What!? All of those high school students are far from imaginary. Are you wondering how he could take that stand? Interestingly, Sen. Sessions has received more than $80,000 in campaign contributions from super-polluter, Southern Co., which is his single largest donor.[7]

    Moms and families need to continue voicing our support for the Clean Air Act and the new Carbon Rule to help the EPA stand firm against those who choose air pollution over public health. Don't forget to sign our letter that reads: "I support clean air for kids and carbon pollution limits for new and modified power plants."

*Share this link by forwarding this email or by posting it on Facebook. We can all help keep the polluting corporate lobbyists away from destroying the impending greenhouse gas rule and help protect families across this country.

    Together we are a powerful voice for children and families,

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