Share your experiences with pumping at work!

    The Department of Labor wants to hear your experiences and advice about how to best support nursing mothers in the workplace.  Your feedback will help them develop guidelines for the new "Break Time for Nursing Mothers" law. 

    The Department of Labor would like to hear stories and experiences regarding the following situations in particular:    

    - Pumping in a lactation room built inside of, or as part of, a restroom  
    - Pumping in a locker room or room built inside a locker room
    - Pumping in a manager’s, supervisor’s, or colleague's private office space
    - Pumping in a storage closet, utility closet, or other small space normally used for other purposes
    - Using a lactation room that is shared between two or more different businesses
    - Pumping arrangements for mothers who are not in the same place during their work shifts (e.g. police officer, bus driver, etc.)

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